I am highly skilled at helping those who have a vague feeling of not being where they want to be, as well as those who are articulate and directive.

To do this, I focus on the present, basing our work on what you’d like to accomplish and change. Talking about change may bring up emotions that feel powerful and scary. We may find places in your life where you feel stuck. My training and experience address these feelings in a helpful way, providing understanding and meaning unique to you. If you get uncomfortable and anxious, it’s okay, we’ll work through it.

You may find that within the consistent, predictable and secure environment of therapy, you will become more curious about yourself and learn new strategies to problem solve. You may even find that you want to come more often. At the same time, you may find that as our work gets underway, it may be difficult to know if progress is occurring. Meaningful change takes time.

At some point, you will want to stop treatment. This is important for us to discuss. The process of ending therapy is just as important as beginning. Discussing your leaving, the work we have accomplished and what might be left to work on at another time, provides important support so that you leave with a sense of completion.

It is my goal to create a safe space where you will feel understood and accepted, free from judgment and criticism, so that ultimately you will have a greater sense of awareness, self-confidence and well-being.